Gmail Account Hacked? – Try These Fixes

Gmail Account Hacked? – Try These Fixes


In today’s era where everything is going digital, email plays a vital role in our daily lives. As it is used in professionally and personally. Gmail is one of the famous and most used email services, and it has 1.5M global active users. To use the Gmail email service, you simply have to create a Gmail account and utilize it for sending and receiving emails. But being the most like email service, it is also prone to bad situations. One of these situations is when your Gmail account is hacked by hackers. 

This is a threat to users who store their essential data in their Gmail accounts. Since when we register online, whether it’s a bank, any site, desktop, movies, or any other official work, we have to provide a Gmail email address. So, if Gmail is hacked by the hackers, they will have all the data that can be misused. This blog will help you recover your hacked Gmail account with the recovery steps. 

But, the main problem is, how can you identify that your Gmail was hacked. So with the following section know about it.

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How Can I Identify That My Gmail Account Hacked?

You can notice the following unfamiliar activities when the Gmail account is in suspicious hands.

  1. Issues in Login – You can notice that you can’t log in to your account with the same password you used. The hackers change the password by which you can’t log in.
  2. Login Activities – Gmail has a great feature, whenever your Gmail account is signed in, it notifies the last active time, place, and the device used to log in.
  3. Check Sent, Drafts, Trash Folders – Go to the sent and draft folder, and if you discover that you do not write the recent emails. Also, check the trash folder, and if you find some deleted emails not done you. 
  4. Check Inbox Folder – If your inbox emails are already marked as read but not you, it indicates the same.

Now, after you know that your Gmail account was hacked, now. It’s time to recover it.

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How to Recover A Hacked Gmail Account?

You can try the given below approaches to recover your Gmail account. 


Solution 1: Using Registered Phone Number

In this method, we use the phone number registered with the Gmail account to recover the hacked Gmail account. So please carry out your mobile having the same phone number and follow the given steps:

  1. Firstly, open any browser on your system.
  2. Then, on the browser, enter It will redirect you to the Sign-in page.
  3. Now, enter your Gmail email address and click on the Next button.
  4. Here you have to click on the Forget Password? Option. 
  5. After this, you will get on the Account Recovery page. Click on the Get a Verification Code at the Phone Number option to recover your Gmail account hacked situation.
  6. Now, you will get a 6-digit code on your Phone Number.
  7. Enter that code in the Verification box and click on Next.
  8. Here, you have to create a new password and click on the Change Password button.
  9. After creating, you are ready to sign in to your account.

Note: Create a strong password with one lower and upper case, numbers, and special characters.


Solution 2: Recover Gmail Account Hacked with Recovery Email Address

The recovery email address is an alternative method that helps you recover hacked Gmail account. This email address is always set up when you sign up for Gmail. Follow the steps:

  1. Follow the same steps from 1-4 from the above method.
  2. When the Account Recovery Page appears, click on Yes on your Phone.
  3. Then it will ask, “Do You Have Your Phone” click on yes.
  4. Now, on your phone screen, a message will pop out, click on the Yes It’s me option.
  5. After that, choose the Get a Verification Code at option
  6. Here, access your Recovery Gmail account and copy the code.
  7. Later, paste that code into the verification box. It will redirect you to the Change Password page.
  8. Now create a Strong Password and click on the Change Password button.
  9. Lastly, log in again to the Gmail account with the new password after you change the password successfully.

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Solution 3: Recover Gmail Account By Answer Security Questions

In this step, you have answered the security questions to recover the hacked Gmail account by the hackers. Here’s how

  • Repeat steps 1-4 from solution 1.
  • After reaching the Verification Page, click on Try Another Way.
  • Now, you will reach the Answer Security Question page.
  • Enter the correct answer when asked. 

Note: You set these answers when setting up the Security questions, so you know the correct answer.

  • When you provide the correct answer, you will be redirected to the reset password page. 
  • Now, create a new password for the Gmail account.
  • Lastly, sign in to the Gmail account with the new password.


Solution 4: Identify Yourself to Recover Hacked Gmail Account?

  1. After reaching the Account Recovery Page, click on Try Another Way option. 
  2. Now, Verify Your Identity page will appear. 
  3. Here, answer multiple questions like Date of Birth, Email Addresses of your contacts, and others. Click on Submit.
  4. After submitting the answers, you will get on the Reset Password Page.
  5. Next, create a Password that will easily be memorable for you but hard for others.
  6. Sign in to your Gmail account with the new password in the final step. 

To secure your account, always enable the Two-Step Verification mode on your Gmail account. That will make your account safer and more secure from hackers. 

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Finishing Up

It’s a bad situation when you know that your Gmail account was hacked by some hackers. But with the above-stated information, you can easily retrieve your Gmail account. When you create a password, make sure that you are not using a simple password like using your name in the password. It is suggested not to share your password with anyone.

If you still face problems in recovering the Gmail account, then you can contact our Email Experts at +1866-235-7823. Our experts are available to support you.


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