How to Create an Email Group in Outlook? (Updated Guide 2022)

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How to Create an Email Group in Outlook

An email has become one of the most common forms of communication everywhere today. It’s mainly because it’s a convenient medium for sending and receiving information quickly. Outlook is a great email client service that provides impressive mail functionalities to its users. It is easy to send messages to either a single person or a group of people through this email. All you require to do is make a group and send the messages there. In this article, you’ll learn how to create an email group in Outlook. If you need to frequently email the same group of persons, then this functionality will turn out to be incredibly useful for you. You can also edit the groups and then send emails.

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How to Create an Email Group in Outlook?

You can set up an Outlook contacts list on your Windows, Mac, or Web app. The process differs only slightly. Find the instructions to do it on these platforms below.


On Windows

Creating a distribution list in Outlook on Windows isn’t challenging at all. Open Outlook and do the following.

  • Tap the ‘People‘ icon in the navigation pane. Alternatively, you can also choose ‘New Items‘ and then select ‘More Items‘ followed by ‘Contact Group‘ on the ‘Home‘ tab.
  • Choose that folder where you wish to save the group under ‘My Contacts.’ Most people save the group in the Contacts folder.
  • Next, from the ‘Home‘ tab, choose ‘New Contact Group.’ It is present on the top ribbon.
  • Set the name of your contact group in the field of name.
  • Tap ‘Add members‘ and then select to add the emails of members from your Outlook contacts. You can either add member emails from the address book, Outlook contacts or make a new contact. The meaning of each of these is a bit different. It is explained below.
    1. From Address Book – It generally has the email addresses of individuals in your company or organization.
    2. Outlook Contact List – The Contact List contains a list of external contacts that you have kept in the MS Outlook Contacts folder.
    3. Make a New Contact – It allows you to make a new contact and add it to the list.

If the set of contact emails has a set of people from your organization, you can add several people through the global address list of your organization. The global address list has the contact data of every individual in the organization.

  • After selecting ‘Members‘ and setting up the contact group, tap ‘Save & Close.’
  • Now you can test the group by sending a message to the contact list.

That’s it. Windows users must now be aware of how to create a group email in Outlook. You can come back to these steps later on whenever the need arises.


On Mac

Like Windows, you can also create an email group in Outlook on your Mac device. Follow the steps given below for it.

  1. Launch Outlook and go to the navigation bar. Here, tap on ‘People.’
  2. Now, choose ‘Home‘ and then click ‘New Contact List‘ for creating a new group.
  3. On the appearance of a contact group window, put a group name for your contact email list of yours.
  4. Choose ‘Add‘ under the navigation bar and choose members through their email address for adding a contact to the list. 
  5. You can add numerous people to your group as you want via the member’s box. You can also add an existing contact emails list to your new list.
  6. When you choose members and end your contact list, tap ‘Save & Close.’ After tapping save, you can give a test mail to your new contact group to see if it is reaching all the recipients. 

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On Outlook Web App

After reading about the process of creating an email group in Windows and Mac, you may be wondering how to create a group email in the Outlook web app. Follow these steps to get familiar with the process.

  1. Navigate to the Outlook web app and tap the icon of ‘Contacts.’
  2. Tap on the tiny arrow beside the ‘New contact‘ button. Now, from the drop-down menu, choose ‘New group.’
  3. Upon the opening up of the dialog box, enter the name of the contact group you wish to make. You can input the group content in the field of description and then tap ‘Create.’
  4. Enter the names of those contacts or their email addresses you wish to add to the group. After choosing the contacts, tap ‘Add.
  5. In case you are the owner of the group, you can locate the groups you’ve made by tapping on the three lines. They are there on the people page. After tapping the three lines, navigate to ‘Groups‘ and tap ‘Owner.’

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How to Send an Email to Your Contact Group?

By now, you must be familiar with how to create an email group in Outlook. At this point, you might desire to know how to send an email to your contact group. It’s very simple. Open a new mail message and type its body and subject. Then in the field of ‘To‘, do not type the mail addresses of people. Instead, type in the group ID. Click on the prompt that appears and then tap ‘Send.’


How to Edit a Contact List in MS Outlook?

You might want to add a new email address or modify the group ID. In that case, open Outlook and write a new message. Then input the group ID in the field of ‘To.’ Right-tap on that list and choose ‘Edit Contact.’ You can now add new members or delete some of them. 

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Final Words

Hopefully, you won’t find yourself questioning how to create an email group in Outlook after reading this article. Both Mac and Windows users can do it easily, but it’s possible for you to encounter problems midway. In such cases, don’t hesitate in connecting with the support team of MS Outlook. The technical support staff is there to assist you in troubleshooting a myriad of technical glitches and problems at any time of the day.


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