7 Ways to Fix Outlook Cannot Display the Folder Error

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Outlook Cannot Display the Folder


Microsoft Outlook is the most used emailing service worldwide. However, sometimes, you may encounter a few technical glitches and find yourself wondering about its solutions. One of the common issues is with opening a folder. You may find Outlook cannot display the folder error message, which tells you there isn’t sufficient memory to run the program. Furthermore, the error message appears out of nowhere, making it even more difficult for users to resolve. But don’t worry, you can get rid of this problem pretty easily. In this article, you’ll find the factors that contribute to this problem and easy technical fixes that will help you overcome them. 

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Reasons for Outlook Cannot Display the Folder Error

You will find this issue when you attempt to open your Outlook profile. The most common reasons preventing Outlook from displaying folders are as follows.

  • Corrupt OST files.
  • Your system is executing Outlook in compatibility mode.
  • A virus or malware intrusion into your system.
  • Interruption in file synchronization due to abrupt shutdown.
  • Plugins conflict with the performance of your Outlook application.
  • A networking device failure can also cause a breakdown in the syncing of OST files leading to this error.
  • Outlook has terminated unusually.

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Fix Microsoft Outlook Cannot Display the Folder Error

Don’t think that you won’t be able to access the desired folder ever again after seeing this error message. The following few fixes will enable you to open the folder you are looking for.


1. Remove the OST File

OST files on your system are prone to many problems. They are likely to get corrupted, become inaccessible, or stop synchronizing. If your OST files are corrupt, you must delete them. But before that, ensure to create a backup of your data. 

  • Open the Run dialog box. 
  • Now, input the following command in the dialog box: ‘%LOCALAPPDATA% \Microsoft \Outlook.’
  • Now tap ‘OK.’ 
  • This will open the path of the OST data file. 
  • Find the damaged file and right-tap it. 
  • Choose the ‘Delete’ option. 


2. Make a New Profile on Outlook

If Outlook cannot display the folder because of a corrupt profile, you can make a new one. Here are the points to follow. 

  • Hit the Windows key as well as R together on your keyboard. 
  • Now, type in ‘Control’ here. 
  • After that, locate the ‘Mail’ option and tap it. 
  • Now, tap ‘Show Profiles.’
  • Tap ‘Add’ and give the profile a name. 
  • Fill in your email credentials. 
  • Choose the option of ‘Always use this profile.’ Then, choose the profile you have created and tap ‘OK.’
  • Now, open Outlook again. 


3. Bring Your Outlook Profile Online

Another easy fix to troubleshoot cannot display the folder Outlook error is to change the Outlook profile from offline to online. It is especially useful if your Outlook cannot find a specified location in the shared mailbox. Use these points to bring Outlook online.

  • Go to ‘File’ followed by ‘Account Settings’ in Outlook.
  • Tap ‘Account Settings’ again. You will see your email address.
  • Double tap on your email ID.
  • A checkbox will appear beside the ‘Cache mode.’
  • Remove the check mark from this specific box and hit ‘Finish.’
  • Now, restart Outlook.


4. Modify the Folder Visible Permission

If your Outlook still cannot access the specified folder location, you can try modifying the folder visible permission. However, administrators of the shared Outlook account can utilize this measure. You will require your Exchange account as well as the Microsoft Exchange server to change folder visible permission. Once you are sure of all these points, carry out the following troubleshooting.

  • Head to the ‘Folder’ pane.
  • Now, right-click on the option of the ‘Public’ folder.
  • Next, tap ‘Properties’ and set the permissions. 
  • Under the ‘Permissions’ select your permission level. As an admin, you will have all the rights. 
  • So, you can set different permissions as per your preferences. 
  • To assign the permission for making the folder visible, place a check on the box next to ‘Folder visible.’
  • But if you don’t want to assign the permission, tap ‘Edit.’
  • Lastly, save the new settings by tapping ‘OK.’


5. Run the Program in Safe Mode and Turn Off Add-ins

In safe mode, Outlook begins with very basic features. It is also devoid of any add-ins. Opening Outlook in safe mode is an excellent way to see if the trouble is due to add-ins. 

You can begin Outlook in this mode by hitting the Windows key and R and launching the Run dialog box. In it, input ‘exe/safe’ and tap ‘OK.’ If Outlook is working fine, you should disable the add-ins. You can do it by navigating to ‘File’ in Outlook and choosing ‘Options.’ Then, select ‘Add-ins,’ followed by ‘COM Add-ins’ and tap ‘Go.’ Choose an add-in from the list and tap ‘Remove.’ Now start Outlook again and see if you still encounter this problem. 


6. Stop the Outlook Protocol

Outlook users can easily view and access their mailboxes from different locations because of the ‘Anywhere’ protocol. But any changes in this protocol can cause you to face the ‘Outlook cannot display the folder’ error. Administrators can resolve this issue by inhibiting the Outlook protocol. 

  • Open Outlook and tap ‘File.’
  • Choose ‘Info’ followed by ‘Account Settings.’
  • Select the configured email by tapping it. 
  • Navigate to ‘More Settings’ and tap the ‘Connections’ tab to modify the account settings. 
  • You can now inhibit the Anywhere protocol. This should fix the problem. 


7. Repair Data Files Using Scanpst.Exe

If nothing resolves your problem, you must take steps to repair the Outlook data file. Corrupt files lead Outlook to act up. The best way is to utilize the in-built Scanpst tool. 

  • Open it and browse the Outlook data file you think is corrupt. 
  • To commence the scan, select ‘Start.’
  • Now select ‘Repair’ after the scan finds problems.
  • After the repair ends, open Outlook with the profile linked to the data files you repaired.


Final Thoughts

Contrary to how it may sound, Outlook cannot display the folder error isn’t very complicated to fix. It majorly requires you to delete the .OST file. Use the different ways mentioned in this article to enable Outlook to access the folder. But if they don’t yield you the desired results, connect with Outlook support professional.

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John is a Technical Writer at Email Support, has 10 years of experience, and is an expert in Email and Cloud Computing. His specialty is writing about the Email clients such as Outlook, Yahoo, Verizon, SBCGlobal, Gmail, Apple Mail, AOL, WildBlue, and others.

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